All Charbonneau Golfers are invited to join the CWGA Charbonneau Cup. Aug. 28th.

On August 28 CWGA is holding their own Charbonneau Cup, but unlike the Men’s Club season-long contest, it is a one-day event.

CWGA IS INVITING MEN TO JOIN IN THIS FUNRAISER FOR THE GEESE GUYS!!  Women Niner’s are also invited to participate in this event and received their invitation a few days ago.

The entry fee for men is $20.00 which all goes to help fund the Geese Guys!  (Men can order a sandwich lunch when they sign up.)

Men simply sign up at the pro shop.  Make your check out to CWGA for $20.00.  If you want lunch, it is $10 paid to the pro shop.  There is a separate sign-up sheet in the members’ lounge for men.

Please register no later than August 26.

To view the original announcement of the CWGA event, click here:

The Golf Club thanks CWGA for their support of the “Geese Guys!”