Breakfast of Champions May 5

First Shotgun Scramble of 2015

Shouldn’t we have scrambled eggs at our first Scramble?  You’ve got it!  We’ll begin with breakfast in the Country Club Dining Room at 8:00am where we will enjoy a “Breakfast of Champions” including scrambled eggs, O’Brien potatoes, bacon, sausage, blueberry blintz, fresh fruit of various kinds, sweet rolls, pastries, orange juice, apple juice and coffee (decaf and regular). Curry’s Landing is our caterer for the morning—yum!

There will also be some announcements and a short meeting   Then we’ll be off to the golf course for a fun Shotgun Scramble with our tee time at 10:00am.  The captain of each team will pick up their score card in the dining room.  For a Scramble all players need to be at their tee and ready to play at tee time.  Plan ahead if your need to walk to a distant tee before 10am.

Your $16.50 check for breakfast along with your sign-up for the game should be received at the Niners’ counter no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday, April 28.   Sign up using the “Breakfast of Champions” binder on the counter.  Note:  It is now required that we sign-up and pay for events one week before the event occurs–hence the Tuesday, April 28 5pm deadline.  Just slide your $16.50 check in the slot on the counter.  Greens fees are paid individually by each player prior to the game.  Either pay for golf in the pro shop a day or two before the 5th, or come early and pay before breakfast.

Oh, also remember to bring some bucks for our popular “share the pot” raffle.

Thanks to our Scramble Food/Decor Chairs Lindy Anderson and Rosemary Ricken and our Scramble Format Chair Janet Moore.

See you there!