Guest Day, Eclectic, and Saturday Mornings–Wake Up Calls

Sign up and get golfing!


First of all, a reminder to invite your guest, sign up and put your check in the box for Guest Day no later than 5pm June 16.  The event on June 23rd will be great fun.  It’s “Around the Course in 30 Strokes” and so let’s hope for lots of pars.  You and your partner will play as a team in a scramble.  Prizes will be given to players with the brighest colored clothes–also, of course, there will be prizes for golf winners.

More details are described in the last posting on our website, so check it out.  The earlier you sign up, the more likely there will be room for your team to join in on the fun.


Next, let’s speak the eclectic language!  Have you registered for this game you play against yourself?  What?  Yes, in the Eclectic Tourney you keep track of your most recent score on whatever course you play that day–green, red or yellow.  You only circle a score if it’s better than the last time you played.  By the end of the tournament, you have a record of the BEST score you shot on any of the three nines.

The tournament began on May 12, but you can still get in if you register.  Orange guidelines and sign-up forms are on our counter.  Just attach $5 cash or a $5 check payable to Carol Zinsli and drop the form and payment in our counter slot.  Carol will place a score card in the Eclectic box for you to use for your next game.  Note, this is just for games on Niner play days.  Also, handicaps will be used to award prizes.

Follow the instructions on the orange Eclectic Guideline sheet when you sit down to enter your first scores–and good luck on your improvements.  The last day to record will be September 29 and cash prizes will be given at a later Niner event.  FORE!


Tired of cleaning the house on Saturday, watching your husband drive away in the golf cart, wondering when you’ll have a chance to play more golf?  Here’s a solution:  get set up for Saturday golf with the girls. Call Janet Ferguson (503/939-6256) and ask her to place you on her e-mail list.  Any gal at Charbonneau can participate, and that includes Niners.  Janet will let you know the times available for Saturday golf and you can let her know if you want to be included in the play that day.  Go for it!