Ready, Set, Swing into the Niners’ Tournament August 11, 18, 25

Sign up by 5pm on August 5th.

In order to compete for prizes in the tournament you need to have participated in five Niners’ events this season and have an established handicap–that’s all.  Plan ahead to make sure you will qualify for prizes in the three-day tournament.  A list of qualifying members will be posted on our bulletin board.

Winners will be determined from the best two out of the three play days on August 11, 18 and 25.  You may play only 2 days or all 3 days–your best two scores will count as your tournament scores.

We will play regular golf and the Pro Shop will set the tee times which will be posted prior to play day.  Any Niners not signed up for the tournament should sign up with the Pro Shop for a tee time which will be assigned later than the tournament players.

Tournament players will pay a $5 tournament fee on their first day, then it’s off to the course.

There will be many winners!  Awards will be presented at our fun Annual Banquet on October 6th.  The Low Gross winner for the tournament will be our 2015 Club Champion.  There will be winners in all three flights for Low Gross, Low Net and Low Putts. Maybe your name will be on one of the prizes!  You won’t know unless you play in the games.  Think of it as three more regular games of golf and have a great time.

Sign up sheets will be available on July 15th along with the list of current qualifying members, so sign up by 5pm on August 5th and go for it!

Kathy Gibbons is our Chair for this event and will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the tourney.  Thanks Kathy!