Monday, September 21

Are you a Dog or a Goose?  Find out by signing up for the Dogs vs Geese game to raise funds for the Charbonneau Golf Club’s geese abatement program. This is a community event including all three Charbonneau golf clubs.

Two people will play as a team against another team of two people to score the Best Ball on each hole.  Now you need to know that one twosome will be “Geese” and the other twosome will be “Dogs”–get it?  The Pro Shop will make up the teams for this Match Play 2-team event.

The entry fee paid when you sign-up is $30 ($20 to the fund) and includes a light lunch at the Garden Terrace following the game.

So bark or honk your way into the Pro Shop soon to sign up.  The sign-up sheet is in the Member’s Lounge–one sheet for all participants.  Cut-off date is loose, just like the Geese!