New Niner’s Year — 2016!

Now is the time to renew your membership in the Niners

The new Niners’ Membership Application for 2016 is available on our website, so “go for it” and plan for another golf year packed with lots of fun and friends to meet.

Since our Pro Shop is “under construction” to give us a new snack bar and hangout, our usual mail slot is gone for now.  So in order to make it easier for the Pro Shop and for you, we are asking that your Membership Application and check be mailed to our Treasurer, Sandy McCallister. Her address is printed on the form.

Print your copy of the form at our website, fill it out, write your check to the Niners for $65.00 and mail it to Sandy McCallister.  If you wait until March 1st or later the dues go up to $75.00, so plan ahead to save $10. The dues amount for our Social Members (no golf included) is $30.00.  You also may want to include a contribution to the Wilsonville High School Girls Golf Team and/or the Charbonneau Employee’s Scholarship Award.

In case you don’t remember, our website is:  Click on the green rectangle that says “Join Charbonneau Ladies’ Niners”, then look for the small copy of the Membership form on the right side of the page.  Click on the form or on “click here” and the printable form will appear. Then print it off for you to use.  If you don’t have a printer, visit the Pro Shop and ask for a copy.

Until we meet in the spring, we will have some good golf days ahead this winter, so be ready to venture out with a golf buddy.   Our 2016 golf season should be legendary!  Be sure to renew your membership soon.