New Year, New Website Address!

Get your ducks in line for the new golf season.

Our new website is:  The functions are the same, but you should use this new address for direct access to news and information about the Niners.

Please mail your Membership Application and check for $65 before March 1st in order to save $10 and to help us plan better for the coming year.  You’ll find the application on the first page of our website–just click on the box that says “Join Charbonneau Ladies’ Niners” and then click on the application form, print it out and mail it to Sandy McCallister, our Treasurer.  If you don’t have a printer, just drop by the Pro Shop and ask them for a Niner Application.  Because the Pro Shop is in transition to build a snack bar, please mail your dues since our mail slot is gone for now.

Also, if you would like to print out our 2016 Activity Calendar, just click “Niners Activity Calendar” at the bottom of the first page of our website under “Quick Links”.  Print it and you’ll be able to keep handy all the plans for our 2016 year.

For new Board Committee Chairs, our first Board Meeting is scheduled for 9:30am February 5th in the CCC Lounge.

So with the ducks and ducklings will come Spring along with our new golf year.  Get ready for lots of fun!