We want to share a thank you note to the Niners

Early this month Maureen Larsen, the Niners’ liaison to the Wilsonville High School Girls Golf received the following thank you note from Coach Mike Nichols:

Subject:  Thanks!!

Maureen, thanks so much for coming to meet the team yesterday.  Thanks too for the golf items you donated. We appreciate the support of the “Niners Club” so much. Your club, the Charbonneau Pro Shop and the community at Charbonneau have been so good to us. We appreciate all you have done and are doing for our team.

The set of golf clubs donated yesterday were so timely.  We had a girl with no golf clubs and they went directly to her…She was thrilled.  It was so fun to see her swing those clubs for the very first time in her life. She actually did quite well and hit some very nice shots on the range.  Please extend our thanks to Connie.  Sinead Jones, a brand new golfer is using those clubs.  She is so appreciative and grateful.

We will be handing out the golf towels, shoes and golf balls as the season progresses.  I have attached our golf schedule for this year.  We will keep you updated as to how we are doing throughout the season.

Thanks so much Maureen, the generosity of your community and club continues to be exemplary.  I do not know of another golf team in this state that is treated as well as we are by all of you.  As a result of the encouragement and support we have received from all the Charbonneau Community, we have the most girls we have ever had on our team this year (25 total players).  In Girls Golf that is the most of any 5A school in the state and is one of the top participation rates at any level.

Again Thanks to you and the Niners Club!!!

Coach Nics, Head Girl’s Golf Coach at Wilsonville High School