2016 Championship Tournament Tees Up August 16, 23 and 30

Sign up to be in the tournament by August 9th at 5:00pm

Now that you’re all warmed up, it’s time to sign up to be included in the annual Championship Tournament. First you need to qualify by playing in at least five Niners golf events this year.  Second, you need to have a golf handicap.  If you have both of these qualifications, then all you need to do is sign-up to be included in the tournament. Then the most fun will be to play on August 16, 23 and 30. Winners will be determined from the best 2 out of the 3 play days.  You may play only 2 days or all 3 days–your best two scores will count as your tournament scores.

We will play regular golf and the Pro Shop will set the tee times which will be posted prior to play day.  This year there will be no tournament fee charged–just your greens fee on the day of play. Any Niners not signed up for the tournament should sign up with the Pro Shop for a tee time which will be assigned later than the tournament players.

So give it a spin and see if you will be one of the many winners!  Awards will be presented at the October 4th Annual Banquet. The Low Gross winner for the tournament will be our 2016 Club Champion. Other winners will be Low Gross, Low Net and Low Putts for each of the three flights.  Will you win one of the prizes?  You won’t know unless you play in the games. Look at it this way, it’s three regular games of golf where you’ll have a great time–and maybe even win something.

The tournament sign-up book will be available late Monday, July 25th along with the list of qualifying members thru the 25th. Martha Griggs will update the list again after play on August 2, which is the last day to qualify. Remember, our books are now located in the new Score Room adjoining “The Turn” snack shop. The last day to sign up to play is August 9th at 5:00pm.

Our Chair Person for the tournament is Kathy Gibbons (503/694-5273) and she will be happy to answer any questions you have.


Be sure to sign up and pay your lunch and golf fee for the August 2nd Scramble, “Go for the Gold”!  Deadline is 5:00pm, Tuesday July 26th. Sign up in the book and deposit your separate lunch and golf fee checks in our new, nifty mail slot.  It’s located in the Score Room adjoining “The Turn” snack shop.


How to Pay to Play; How to Play to Win; How to Win over Cancer

Niners now have their own space in the Pro Shop

In the future, you will find our Niners’ sign-up books, forms and other information located in the Score Room next to “The Turn” snack bar.  Each club has a counter space of their own along with a secure slot where checks for our events should be deposited. So in the future, do not give your checks to the Pro Shop Staff. From now on place your event checks in the Niners’ slot located in the Score Room. Be sure to include on your check the event that is covered by the paymentlunch for event or golf fee for event. We have not completely moved into the area, but the score computer and other items will follow soon.


In order to compete for prizes you need to have participated in five Niners’ events this season and have an established handicap–that’s it. It’s a series of three Tuesday play days on August 16, 23 and 30 and you may play only 2 days or 3 days, but your best two scores will count as your tournament scores. Tee times will be assigned by the Pro Shop and players will golf with others in their handicap range. You can’t win if you don’t sign up, so watch for the book in the Score Room. More later!


Heads-up for the tournament that gives us all a chance to fight Cancer.  The golf event will be a Shotgun Scramble followed by lunch and both a silent and oral auction in the Charbonneau Country Club. If you have any items you’d like to donate for either auction, please contact our Chair Person, Robyn Andrus at rjandrus55@comcast.net. Sign-up for play and tee sign application information will be available for you soon along with other news, so stay tuned to make sure you help Charbonneau win over Cancer.



REMINDER: “Go for the Gold” Scramble, Lunch and Meeting August 2

Cut-off to Sign up is 5:00pm July 26th!

Lunch: Asian Buffet, $17/person check made to the Niners, BYOB if you wish


Golf:  Shotgun Scramble, $15/person check made to Charbonneau Golf Club.  Annual Pass holders please write “AP” under the Paid column.


As you can see, we are asking for payment of both lunch and golf fees by the cut-off date, as we did with the Guest Day and Couple’s Event.  In Summary–If you don’t have an Annual Pass, write two non-refundable checks:  $15 for golf fee, $17 for lunch.  If you have an Annual Pass, write just one check for the $17 lunch and write “AP” in the Paid column.


Please give your payments to the Pro Shop Staff for safe keeping by the deadline of 5:00pm, July 26th.  That’s only 10 days away!


So get ready for another friendly Shotgun Scramble for everyone to enjoy.  Be sure to sign up for this Olympic event and help your team “go for the gold.”  If you’re feeling lucky, bring some spare change for the “Split the Pot” raffle.  On August 2nd, check-in begins at 8:15am with tee time at 9:00am.  See you there!






“Go for the Gold” Olympic Scramble, August 2nd

Lunch $17 and Golf $15 must be paid by cut-off of 5:00pm July 26th.

Plan for another enthusiastic scramble where you can see your friends and meet new friends too.

Our lunch will be an Asian buffet–no chopsticks required.  Lunch is $17/person and remember BYOB if you wish.  Make your check out to Niners.

Our golf fee is $15/person.  Make your check to Charbonneau Golf Club.

So. . .if you have an annual pass, put “Pd” in the sign-up book “paid” box next to your name and write only 1 check for lunch. If you do not have an Annual Golf Pass, write 2 checks: $17 for lunch and $15 for golf.

Give your payments to the Pro Shop Staff for safe keeping by 5:00pm, July 26th–our cut off. They are non-refundable. All of this will help make the day of play more relaxing for you, our organizers and the Pro Shop.


“Fairway Derby” Reminder:  If you signed up for the “Fairway Derby”on July 12th, remember the check-in time has been changed to 3:00pm.  See you there!


“Fairway Derby” Check-in Time Revised to 3:00pm Tuesday, July 12th.

The cart race on the driving range is cancelled–only one entry received. Therefore, we will begin the festivities one hour later than planned.

Summary of times:

Check-in:   3:00pm

 Two-Person Shotgun Scramble Tee Time:  4:00pm

Cocktails, Dinner and Prizes:  Following golf, around 6:30pm