Voting results: NO CHANGE to the Niner By-Laws

Here are the details:

90 members were present for the voting yesterday
54 voted NO
36 voted YES

That means nothing changes for the Niners.

There was some discussion and our co-president Diane Meyers cleared up any misconception as the discussions progressed.  Many good reasons on both sides of the vote were presented.
Now we put this behind us and go back to what we are all about – golfing and having a good time.

Signup Deadline for the Niners Annual Banquet is September 26th



Don’t miss out on the awards presented for the golfing season and the fabulous entertainment at the Niners Annual Banquet.

Date:     Tuesday October 3, 2017
Time:     Doors open at 4:30 for cocktails & d’oeuvres; at 5:00 a short business meeting, awards and Banquet Program with dinner catered by Daltons
Where:  Charbonneau Dining Room
Cost:     Only $10 –  Checks for the banquet must be deposited in the Niners slot in the players room by September 26th


Charbonneau Golf Club Merchandise Credit

The weekly golf winners receive Merchandise Credit at Charbonneau Golf Club.    If you have earned credit you will need to spend the credit before  12/31/2017.


Last Appeal for Pink Ball Wine

The Charbonneau Pink Ball “STILL” needs help with wine donations!

Tuesday, September 12 is the date for the 2017 Charbonneau Pink Ball. Again, we have an opportunity to play a major part in helping to raise funds for the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU. Last year the “Pink Ball” raised over $42,000.


Donated wine & beer is sold by the glass at the tournament. More donations mean more $ toward cancer research, & we need YOUR help. If you haven’t brought your wine to the Junta’s yet, there is still time. We have many donations but still need more.

We are asking everyone who can, to donate 2 bottles of wine (that you would drink), or more for the tournament.

Please bring the wine and beer to Bob & Elaine Junta’s before Sept 11. (32675 SW Lake Point Ct. leave in courtyard if they are not home)

Do you have a “special” bottle of wine or a large collection? Please consider donating some “special” wines for the silent auction. Please call Dana to coordinate.

This is biggest cancer fundraiser in Charbonneau and a huge opportunity for us to help with local cancer research. All donations that you make are greatly appreciated. For those of you who have already donated, thank you so much for helping to make this fundraiser a success.

Thank you so much,

Mike & Dana Richmond 503 694-6983
Bob & Elaine Junta 503 694-2888


Niners Proposed Amendment to the By-Laws

Dear Charbonneau Niners Members,

Please attend a Special Meeting on September 26, 2017 at 12:00 in the CCC Lounge.

The purpose of the meeting is to vote on a proposed Amendment to the By-laws that is described below.  The meeting should not last more than 30 minutes.

On September 1, 2017, the Board of Directors voted 17-3 to present the following By-Law Change to the membership.  This change is unanimously supported by the current Elected Officers. This change is unanimously supported by the nominated officers for 2018.

If you have questions or concerns please respond by email.  All of the questions and concerns will be addressed in one email published on September 24, 2017.

It is proposed that Article II section 3 be removed from the Charbonneau Ladies’ nine-hole golfer’s bylaws.
Article II, Section 3
Membership in the Niners precludes membership in the Charbonneau Women’s Golf Association (the CWGA), the women’s 18-hole golf club. CWGA members who wish to join the Niners must relinquish their 18-hole membership. A Niners must relinquish her CLNG membership when joining CWGA. Why do the Niners need to remove this article from the by-laws?  The by-law directly conflicts with 2 other by-laws, is exclusionary and discriminatory.

Article I section 2 states “The Purpose of the Niners organization is to promote the game of golf and encourage good sportsmanship and friendship”.  Golf is not promoted nor are friendships enhanced when our members are forbidden joining another group and our club excludes a group of people from membership.

Article II section 1 says ‘Any woman is eligible to be a member of the Niners.’ It is contradictory to say ANY WOMAN in one paragraph and then exclude a group of women in the next section.

The opening sentence of our handbook states, “The Niners Goal is to have fun playing golf whether you are just beginners or almost professionals.” This goal is not compatible with an exclusion clause.

Currently there are Niners members who have active memberships with other golf clubs. There has been no negative effects as a result of our members being affiliated with another club.

Most importantly, the Niners organization gains nothing by excluding the CWGA members and in fact, is weakening our organization.  By forcing women to choose one group or the other, both clubs lose potential members. Women golfers in our community should be allowed as many golfing opportunities as possible.  By allowing women to join multiple golf groups, we are promoting golf and encouraging friendship – which we stated was our whole purpose for existing.  Cross over between the two groups strengthens CCC, our community and contributes to the financial sustainability of the golf course.

Send your comments and questions to, Liz Henry at, Diane Meyers at and Julie Kolln at

Again, all questions are concerns will be published and addressed.

Tournament Winners

Congratulations to MARY JANE HUNT the overall winner of our tournament with a 79 gross!

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