From the Corner of the Handicap Coordinator (Rose Mills)

New Activation Date

OGA changed the deactivation date of all current OGA members to December 31, 2018. Click here to see the attached OGA announcement – .

Which means, you may not post your scores played at the “sunny climate” until you have paid your 2019 Niners’ dues and have been reactivated by Niners’ Handicap Coordinator.

Please note – our dues remain the same as last year- $65.
Our treasurer will be accepting your Charbonneau Niners membership dues from now on for the 2019 membership.
To download an application form, log onto Charbonneau Niners web page and click on “Join Ladies Niners”. From this page you’ll be able to bring up the application form, print it, fill it out and send it to Sandy McCallister with your membership fee check. The online form is still the 2018 version – just change 2018 to 2019. Your membership will be activated as soon as Sandy lets me know that you have paid.
Thank you and I hope this helps – especially our golfers in the sunny side of our planet where it’s golf season all year round ( Lucky you).
Any questions, please email any member of the Executive Board or Rose Mills (503) 266-9787.