News and Invites from the Men’s Club

Hello Presidents of CWGA and Niners,

On behalf of the Men’s Club Board, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.

At the December Board meeting, we approved the development of several non-golfing social and educational events during the winter months.  The first one scheduled is a Chili Cook Off (Click Here for details).  Please feel free to invite your membership to sign up and attend this event, either as a taster (just $5.00 per person) or a contestant (free for two people, if you get out that old family recipe and bring a few quarts to share).  John Meyers is our social committee chairperson, and you can ask him more detailed questions.

There are other educational events being planned for January, February, and March:

— New Rules for 2019 (big changes coming). Click Here to see details.

— New Equipment Review from Taylormade Representative

— Fitness Guru workshop for golfers

We will also be holding workshops on several software systems used by golfing organizations:

— Golf Genius which is used for organizing golf events and scoring

— Word Press which is used to maintain our current websites

— Mail Chimp which is used to send emails to our members.

I’ll keep you informed in case you or your committee members would like to join us.

More later,

John McLain, President

2019 Niners Application

Get your 2019 Application in Early

For those Niners golfing in the warm climates, you will want to get your application in before the new year so your golf scores will be applied to your handicap.

The application is on the Niner web site or Click Here to get a copy.