Know your ESC otherwise known as EQUITABLE SCORE CONTROL.

Use the following to adjust your scores:
9 hole handicap    Max score posted for any hole
4 or less                 Double Bogey
5-9                             7
10-14                         8
15-19                         9
20 and over              10

The maximum number of strokes per your handicap is for HANDICAP CALCULATION ONLY.

When you are in a competition like with the Niners on Tuesday playdays or competing with your friends or anybody for that matter, you have to count your ACTUAL SCORE and enter them in your score card without considering your ESC.

If you shot a 50 and in one of the nine holes you had a bad time and you score a 10 on that hole and your handicap is 14, you do not tell your competitor that your score is 48 just because the maximum strokes allowed by the GHIN per your handicap is 8. Your competition score is still 50.

However when it’s time for you to post in the computer you have to adjust your score and enter 48.

Again the ESC is only to allow the computer to compute your handicap index.

Note: Niners Rule on Tuesday’s is: PICK up at 10. This is done for the SAKE OF TIME ONLY.

Still confused?

Please let me know.

Rose Mills
Niner’s Handicap Coordinator