Send us a Photo for the Niner Roster

You now have the ability to add your photo to your roster entry and make changes to your other roster information on the Niner website at

Once you have clicked the above link, select the ‘For Members’ tab on the top and then ‘Ladies’ Nine-Hole Member Roster’ . A screen will appear that may require a password. The password to use is pink123.  You will be taken to the roster webpage and you will see “If your information needs updating, please let us know –> Click here to update”

Follow the directions given after you click and an email will be sent to the web person who will add your photo.

Don’t want to use the web to send a photo?  You may text the photo to Karla Colby at (503) 522-1415 or email her at  Please include your name.

This will give Niners the ability to look up and see who they will be golfing with, especially nice for new Niners.