UPDATE Regarding WHS and GHIN Changes

Just a reminder from your Handicap Coordinator:

As the WHS will be launched January 2020, the GHIN will go dark beginning December 31 until January 6, 2020. This is relevant to those playing down south or anywhere else where all year is “Golf Season”. You will not be able to post your scores but keep your score cards as they can be considered when they go live again.

“Reminder” 2020 Membership Due by 12/30/2019

Please don’t forget…

2020 membership fees are due by December 30. Forms can be downloaded from our website, or are available in the club room. There is a $10 penalty for late registration (Except for new members). Call Karen if you have any questions. 503-970-0735/503-694-2692.

The Oregon Golf Association has changed the due date for 2020 applications. They need to be in before the end of 2019. At the first of the new year all members without renewals will be removed from the GHIN (handicap system).

Click here for the Niner 2020 application and send it in right away!