New USGA GHIN Mobile app

A note from your Handicap Coordinator:

Although our official golf season is still months away, this is a good time to update to the new USGA GHIN app on your smart phone in order to get a head start on the current changes on handicapping which is called the “World Handicap System”

Your old GHIN app is no longer working so you need to download the new USGA GHIN app.

Just type in GHIN app and it’ll take you to download the app either at the Apple store or google play. You’ll be needing your GHIN number in order to get the app. If you have forgotten your GHIN # please email me ( and I’ll get it to you ASAP. For the new members, I will send you your GHIN # via email.

As soon as you successfully downloaded the app, please take some time to read all the information in that app. You have plenty of time to navigate through that app, to understand and to familiarize yourself with those changes.You’ll be glad you read them because you’ll be equipped with the knowledge on the new rules on handicapping and you’re all set to play. By the time we meet at the “Welcome Back Coffee” (Tuesday April 7) you will already have an idea on those changes. They are easier and golfer friendly.

“No Surprises and no confusions”

New year, New Rules!!!

Thank you

Rose Mills

Handicap Coordinator