Want To Join the Charbonneau Niners?

If you’re new to Charbonneau, new to golf – either or both – or you just do not have time for an 18-hole round, the Charbonneau Ladies’ Nine-Hole Golf Association is for you! Also referred to as the “Niners”, we play nine holes of golf as a group every Tuesday morning from the first week in April through the last week of October.

The “Niners” have a scramble the first Tuesday of every month during the playing season followed by a luncheon on that same day.  The winners and the prizes are announced at the luncheon where we also have a review of the rules.  The “Niners” even have their own dance team where we can enjoy each other’s company off the golf course.  And speaking of off the golf course, we offer social memberships for those who just want to join us for lunches, dinners, or special events and do not want to participate in golf.


Charbonneau “Niners” Golf Association welcomes and provides encouragement, support and camaraderie to all women golfers, both new and experienced.  Residents of Charbonneau and non-residents alike are able to join the club.  The only requirement is that we ask new golfers to be somewhat familiar with golf,  to have played previously or to have taken lessons in the past.


Annual dues are $75.00 for 2022 and are due no later than December 30, 2021. This fee entitles you to all the privileges of membership and includes the handbook, annual Oregon Golf Association dues and participation in the USGA computer handicap system. The dues for a social membership are $10.00 per year. Returning golf members’ dues paid after January 1, 2022 are $85.00.

We Make It Easy For You!

We have fun playing golf and want you to also! We’ll assign you a “Big Sister” to help you through your first year.  She will see that you are properly signed up for play with a foursome, introduce you to members and walk you through computer posting your score.  Your “Big Sis” will be happy to help you out.

Don’t Have a Handicap?

Every Member establishes a USGA Handicap. This allows you to compete with golfers of all skill levels on an equal basis.  New golfers must play and post 6 rounds of 9 holes of golf in order to receive a USGA handicap.

We hope you will join us and have a ball!

Apply for Membership

To join the Niners just click here and a membership form will appear which you can print. Follow the instructions on the form.  You may either mail it to our Treasurer or place it in the Niners’ mail slot in the Club Room.